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If you want to comment on that article, there is a talk page for that. Rather than address the points made by her critics—she elects to attack their character with false information, shifting the spotlight away from her.

It is an essay. Changing Corporate Culture Third, she recognized the importance of transforming HP's corporate culture. These facts have been documented, both with quotes from her own board members and leadership team and with raw numbers in such revered publications as ForbesFortuneBusiness Week, the New York Timesthe Wall Street Journal and leading tech industry journals.

Her coddling of customers at Lucent was legendary. In the U. What are your ideas about the economy and about dealing with our national debt? Conspiracy theories, pseudoscience, speculative history, or plausible but currently unaccepted theories should not be legitimized through comparison to accepted academic scholarship.

Do not increase the gas tax. This means that we have to use what we have, as whitewashing is not an option as it will fail WP: She makes irresponsible decisions.

So, once again, your comment is pointless and wrong. AGF will take you nowhere. Leaders can be made, but not every manager can become a leader. Not jumping on it automatically and making edits.


For other undocumented immigrants, a direct path to citizenship is unfair. Find out who you are.

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Women represent half of all human potential. A well written lead section should summarize the entire article in smoothly written prose, and should not need references, since all claims will be fully referenced within the body of the article. They have leaders who are actively engaged in and committed to increasing diversity.

And the bold move ultimately produced what the two companies promised — a worldwide technology powerhouse with top revenue positions in servers, PC and printers go here for the official HP-Compaq merger press release.

However, the majority of low-paying jobs are held by women who make up over half of minimum wage earners. Secondly, we're crushing small businesses now. I just made an edit, it was reverted.

Also, it is not proper to use the NY Post Page 6 section, that is clearly gossip, but the other sections are fair game, as long as they provide new information that cannot be found in a better source. The opinion of the VP responsible for the post merger, and a business professor given all this space in a short section?

HP CEO Says That Carly Fiorina Is Not Qualified To Be President

ABC News also asked an open-ended question to find out who Americans expect to win the presidency. And, four editors out of six over a little more than a Friday night do not a consensus make.

How can I possibly continue to show its relevance, when you keep wiping the information and burying it in cryptic notations. In general, she wants more inspections, verifications and compliance from Iran before the United States lifts any sanctions.

You editing and your comment is worrisome. Despite it already being law, the Left wants to further legislate equal pay. Government causes a problem and then government steps in to solve the problem. As with other surveys, her numbers improve if Biden decides to sit out the race.

Yes, some of the scare quotes have been removed. I remember that the article at one point had a graph of HP stock chart that was home-made not from a reliable source that had false information in it and it present the false impression that the stock price drop much, much worst than it truly was.Redefining Feminism The state of women in America.

by Carly Fiorina. When I was a little girl, my mother told me: “What you are is God’s gift to you. When I started at HP.

Nov 24,  · By accepting the CEO job at Hewlett-Packard, an iconic company that had lost its way, Carly Fiorina confirmed her status as the most powerful businesswoman in America.

Aug 24,  · SAN FRANCISCO — Carly Fiorina was a decisive, dynamic, charismatic CEO at Hewlett Packard when she ran the high-tech behemoth from She also happened to be an abysmal chief executive. Read Hp Fiorina Case - Fiorina and Her Leadership Elements free essay and over 88, other research documents.

Hp Fiorina Case - Fiorina and Her Leadership Elements. Collaboration Fiorina once commented her most effort being put on getting people work together to achieve a common goal. She. Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina defended her record as chairman and CEO of Hewlett-Packard Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” She said that her tenure at the technology.

“The Truth About Carly” By Former HP Board Member Tom Perkins-Authorship Confirmed!

Free Essay: HP Case 1) HP’s board had a history of turmoil and turnover. It began in when Carly Fiorina-CEO since initiated a merger with Compaq.

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Hp ceo carly fiorina essay
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